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Immigration & Sustainability Blog is a website dedicated to talking about transforming Canada into a more sustainable society where its people are financially and socially prosperous and its environment to be ecologically healthy and diverse.


Population Math

When we talk about growth, we usually associate that as good and necessary; a crucial step in the continual growth of our economies and societies.



Canada is a culturally rich and diverse nation with people from all over the world living in it.



Canada’s population in the 1970s was predicted to stabilise at about 27 million people.


National Goals

Adopt a Better Canada strategy; that is to cast aside our desire for unsustainable economic growth.

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What’s the Impact of Immigration Status on Your Vaping Rights?

An immigration status can have a profound impact on your rights and access to various products and services in a given country. One aspect that is often not discussed is the influence of immigration status on your vaping rights.
Navigating through the regulations becomes even more complex when considering products such as e-juices, where varying legal frameworks may pose additional challenges for individuals with specific immigration statuses.
Since vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, understanding how your immigration status can affect your ability to vape is crucial. Let’s have a …

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How Is CBD Ecological and Justifiable?

One activity that contributes to climate change and global emissions is farming, and this process includes the growing of hemp. Many people around the world are using CBD products in their day-to-day activities. However, what most people do not take into consideration is the fact that BudPop’s THCA flower and other CBD products play an essential role in environmentalism. The growing of hemp involves many processes that affect the environment in many ways, as discussed below.
How is CBD good for the environment?
The crucial …

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Which Is Less Environmentally Harmful: Cigarettes or e-Cigarettes?

There is no doubt smoking is harmful to the user and the environment. It took many decades before the appeal of cigarettes started to dwindle down and make available on vape shop mcmasterville. With the emergence of e-cigarettes, smoking is still one of humanity’s prevailing vices. Still, is e-cigarette way better than tobacco products?
A Recap Of Cigarettes’ Environmental Impact 
Smoking cigarettes has been part of society’s growth. We all know that its main purpose is similar to alcohol, which is to relieve stress temporarily. However, cigarettes have become more compact after centuries of …

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Is This an Intergenerational Transfer?

An intergenerational transfer is the passing down of assets, rights, and privileges from one generation to another.
Though it might sound appealing given that the generation of boomers, especially those using alternative medicines, before us has accumulated significant wealth, that also leaves us with the many problems they created.
The transfer could include:

Personal property
Personal capital
Social cohesion

But in reality, they also left us with innumerable problems that we are left to solve ourselves.

The most pressing being a dying planet.
Exhausted natural resources

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Using Technology To Solve Population Ageing

Immigration can solve population ageing. That myth has already been debunked several times. You just need to turn on the golf to watch players of all ages playing the game.
Solving the problem of an ageing population through immigration is inconsiderate. The birth rates of mothers are unchanged in this regard. It largely forgets the social and economic impact it could have on the existing infrastructure. But if not immigration, then what?
The answer is technology.
Japan is one of the fastest ageing countries worldwide, with the elderly population on track to reach 40 percent of its total population.
A rapidly ageing population is a problem many nations around …

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Urban Sprawl in Canada’s Cities

Canadian cities are growing rapidly day by day, rather unsustainably. This unrestricted growth has resulted in Canada losing a good portion of its land to urban sprawl.
Despite its expansive lands, fishermen across Canada have very little land viable for living space, more so for farming because only five percent of Canada is suitable for farming. But over the decades, Canadian cities have expanded away from the center and towards the farmlands.
Almost half of Canada’s farmlands sit below asphalt and concrete, which can never be used again for agriculture, despite city efforts to promote community gardening. Although some regions in the country have been blessed with rich …

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