Popular Activism Custom Tees That Are In Style Now

Popular Activism Custom Tees That Are In Style Now

Popular Activism Custom Tees That Are In Style Now

The political atmosphere currently has made it vital for all the people in the country to have venues where they can express their own views and opinions. In fact, people have the opportunity to have platforms where they can boldly and loudly about what they speak either by t shirt printing or through protests. Today is not a day to be silent.

Politically-charged Custom T-shirts In NY’s Fashion Week

Most especially in the aftermath of the election result, many people decided to make bold statements by wearing certain custom T-shirts or outfits that are politically charged. These outfits champion certain causes and people who have stopped being supported by the government, are compromised or are at risk of having drastic cuts made to their funding.

In the famous week of Fashion in New York, the designers utilized their representations to uniquely showcase the causes they believe in. Adam Lippes was the venue of many models that lifted handcrafted signs of protest for the power of girls, the rights of women, and immigration issues.

Famous designs featured on custom T-shirts include Siriano’s “People are People”, made after Mode’s song with that title and Gurung’s “Revolution Has No Borders” and “The Future Is Female.”

Beaumont’s “I am an immigrant” Tees Cause Waves

The community of Fashion in large has lately been expressing their political views on immigration with T-shirts that read “I am an immigrant.”

This idea began with Beaumont, an immigrant from Canada and a partner at an investing firm in the city of New York. The T-shirts were made from sustainable sources, were manufactured in the United States of America, and were sold for the purpose of raising money for the ACLU. Each shirt was sold at $35 dollars.

Beaumont expressed that immigrants were seen to have negative connotations. He went on to comment on the history of the United States, and how it’s foundation was created by people who had immigrated from their countries, and that most people in the US came from immigration. He offered to help those who were frightened to speak up by lending his own voice to the cause.

She was enlightened during the period the Women’s March to create these T-shirts so that she and her friends would wear it to march. Unfortunately though, the shirts were not ready during the period of the march.

They were eventually ready and Beaumont wore it out, gathering much attention and support from people who wanted to know where she got it.

Pro-Immigration T-Shirts Today

The shirts are currently being sold by Beaumont in English and in Spanish translations. However, her goal is to broaden it to include other languages, too.

Beaumont further expressed that unless people discover a common understanding, change will not occur. As for those who oppose her stance, this act is a means of beginning the conversation, which is also the beginning of finding solutions to the problems.

Her design has gone far and wide, gathering the support of many celebrities who boldly declared their immigrant status, with some being inspired to share their stories.

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