The Vaping Community should Spearhead Safer Vaping Practices

The Vaping Community should Spearhead Safer Vaping Practices

The Vaping Community should Spearhead Safer Vaping Practices

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon most commonly attributed to the younger demographic of 20 to 30 – somethings, and Vaping carries with it a certain allure that encourages more than it dissuades. In three words, it’s communal, complex, and lastly, a modern kind of cool. It has also indirectly caused an onslaught of unreliable articles regarding vape – induced illnesses and a finger – pointing panic on what to blame for the Nicotine addiction amongst the youth.

Not just a Millennial Phenomena

The main concern we have here is that vape and e-cigarettes weren’t made to develop a fun pastime of blowing smoke into back alleys. The vaping community should be keener on informing their immediate communities that vaping is one way mitigating the harmful effects of tobacco and cigarette smoking. It should be marketed as something that dampens the curiosity to use products with Nicotine, instead of as a gateway vice to more detrimental substances.

This issue was brought to light when a ban over vapes and e-cigarettes was passed by legislation as part of the preventive measures in support of the War on Drugs. However, it was protested since it holds no valid point – how could it lead to drug usage when it was made to cure dependence on an addictive but not as harmful chemical, namely Nicotine. News like this paints vaping under a bad light, and the more that it is restricted without reason, the fewer measures are done to regulate it properly.

Advocating for a Culture of Safe Practice

It is important for vaping to be introduced in the same vein as maintaining an aquarium or collecting stamps because the primary goal was to develop a hobby that is equally harmless. This can also create better rapport amongst vapers, allowing the younger and more inexperienced ones to exchange information with the older and more seasoned vapers. If vapes and e-cigarettes were presented in a neutral perspective if not positively, it can lead to more discussions connecting the inner community to the society at large. This can pave the way for legislation regarding designated vaping areas that benefit both vapers and non – users.

If the discussion is more open and sympathetic towards vaping enthusiasts, there will be less discrimination and misinformation regarding its alleged harms. This is especially important since there are no concrete studies to date that indicate the health problems that the activity can cause. Furthermore, no movement can have a stronger conviction than one whose community strongly believes that it does go wrong.

A Tool for Identity

Without just relying on the statistics, society must view these vapers as people who also wish to improve their lives by opting for a healthier option. Politicians must also be made aware that vaping has become a cultural phenomenon that attaches itself to the identity, character, and coming of age of the youth. In spite of the actual and studied detriments caused by cigarette smoking, the government was able to regulate the trade and consumption of the product; they can easily do the same with vapes and e-cigarettes.

With all that being said, instead of watching from the sideline as the misinformed society proselytizes vapers through strict unreasonable rules, the vaping community should take their stand. We’re not talking about just being persistent, but to be determined to defend their freedom.

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