Which Is Less Environmentally Harmful: Cigarettes or e-Cigarettes?

Which Is Less Environmentally Harmful: Cigarettes or e-Cigarettes?

Which Is Less Environmentally Harmful: Cigarettes or e-Cigarettes?

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There is no doubt smoking is harmful to the user and the environment. It took many decades before the appeal of cigarettes started to dwindle down and make available on vape shop mcmasterville. With the emergence of e-cigarettes, smoking is still one of humanity’s prevailing vices. Still, is e-cigarette way better than tobacco products?

A Recap Of Cigarettes’ Environmental Impact 

Smoking cigarettes has been part of society’s growth. We all know that its main purpose is similar to alcohol, which is to relieve stress temporarily. However, cigarettes have become more compact after centuries of development, and they have become easy to store in one’s pocket to light up anytime.

Do you remember nicotine, right? It is the main reason why smokers cannot get off the habit and the component all cigarette manufacturers capitalize on. Smoking tobacco is obviously damaging to the user due to the residual toxins and harmful to the people due to the dreaded secondhand smoke.

Yes, the smoke contributed to the pollution, but the worst part is the leftovers. Cigarette butts left behind take a long time to decompose. They also contain harmful toxins. Unfortunately, many smokers just casually throw them around. If they happened to end up in an ocean after heavy rain, the aquatic creatures would be the recipients.

What Are E-Cigarettes?

It’s already obvious that cigarettes bring so much harm rather than benefits. Still, due to human’s addictive tendencies, those negativities are often disregarded since users felt more relieved when they smoked. The unlikely solution for gradually shifting the mindset is through the use of e-cigarettes.

The ‘e’ in the term means ‘electronic’. If you happen to be unfamiliar with how an e-cigarette works, here’s a quick summary. A compact device that uses electricity to boil a particular fluid and the vapor containing the necessary chemicals that mimic the effects of cigarettes is ready to be inhaled by the user.

That activity is now commonly called ‘vaping.’ The components are generally tobacco-less, and so manufacturers market e-cigarettes as ‘nicotine-free. Regarding the health risks of vaping, it seems the studies are not sufficient enough to conclude that it is way better than smoking since the habit also involves introducing gaseous chemicals to the lungs.

Which Is Less Harmful To The Environment

Since e-cigarettes don’t have any butts, they don’t pose a similar threat to tobacco products. Aside from that, the device used in vaping is reusable, wherein you can refill the ‘juice’ or vaping fluid. The batteries are also rechargeable, so there is less demand to make more, and less of them disposed of easily.

While governments are trying to dissuade cigarette use due to its negative impact on the medical community, e-cigarettes will also serve as the best alternatives to those who have a hard time quitting smoking. More than that, e-cigarettes have way fewer leftovers in each vaping action and cannot harm the environment unknowingly.


Vaping seems to be the future of smoking. Still, it’s highly doubtful that tobacco companies will go down without a fight, just like how oil companies contradict renewable energy sources. It is up to each person to weigh the ‘lesser of 2 evils’ when the state of the environment is on the line.

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