Checklist to Test if a Product is Eco-Friendly

Checklist to Test if a Product is Eco-Friendly

Checklist to Test if a Product is Eco-Friendly

Have you encountered a product that has claimed to be eco-friendly but turned out it was not? That would be totally awful. In this age and time, many people have become conscious of the environment and aware of how to preserve it. As per a survey results, Using eco-friendly products is one. But how do you know if a product is really eco-friendly? Read on to find out.

  • Material

As a norm in the business and as the law provides, materials in manufacturing a product are displayed on its label. This is done to guide the consumers to check first before adding it to cart and check out. So, as a woke consumer, you need to check the materials tab to consider whether it is a good product for you.

Products that contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) have long been known as ozone layer destroyers because of their compounds. Biodegradable materials, on the other hand, help nurture the soil and help plants thrive. For example, a common need in the house is a trash bag. There is already a biodegradable trash bag out in the market. So, if you buy a trash bag, then you have to check its materials or content.

  • Background Checks

Background checks include the durability and efficiency of a product. As a guide, these are the questions to ask: “How long could I use it before it needs to be replaced?” “Is it going to last long in ordinary use?” “Would I be spending too many resources trying to preserve it?”

Be smart in doing a background check. You may even check the website or the company that manufactured the product to ensure its durability.

  • Energy Star

Electrical products are already considered essential at home. So you also need to figure out if you are buying an eco-friendly one or just another product that would further cause damage to the environment.

As common in electronic appliances, the energy star on its label gives you a clue of whether you are purchasing a good product. The lesser energy is spent, the better a product it is. Energy star is a blue and white logo that tells if a product is eco-friendly. Look for it in your electrical appliances, and rest assured that it serves its purpose.

  • Green Seal

A green seal is plastered on a product once it passes the test of whether it is an eco-friendly product. It is important for you to look for this in the products you will buy to make sure that you are actually purchasing an eco-friendly item and not be deceived by any false marks or deceptive labels in a product.

Final Words

It is imperative to be conscious of the products that could help preserve or totally destroy what remains of the earth. Although being aware of the products that you buy is only one small step, if everybody does it, then it is a huge step towards change and preservation of the environment.

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