National Goals

National Goals

Goal 1

Adopt a Better Canada strategy; that is to cast aside our desire for unsustainable economic growth, to focus on bettering the quality of lives of our people, and to attract high-quality jobs.

Goal 2

Diversify our economic health standards past the scope of the often-unreliable GDP to include per capita income, freedom, and equality. The GDP or Gross Domestic Product is a monetary measure of a portion of the commercial market. It’s an unreliable way of measuring a nation’s economic health because it only represents a country’s market size and should be abandoned as a way to measure social and economic progress.

Goal 3

Shape the economy to be more sustainable in the long run rather than designing it for unsustainable economic growth. The growth of a nation should be measured in the health of its people socially and economically. Not to mention the ability of its institutions to safeguard its citizen’s social safety net and fiscal balance.

Goal 4

Assume a more explicit national goal to ensure that we can easily evaluate our progress towards them.

Goal 5

In order to effectively maintain and protect the environment, we must measure it and its resources in physical units. This way, we can easily apprehend that the climate, the environment, and its resources are our basis for improving our social and economic welfare.

Goal 6

Instead of working with incoherent and often conflicting policies, we must start integrating our policies into a more centralised strategy.

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