What Is a Sustainable Society?

What Is a Sustainable Society?

A sustainable society is one that ensures its citizen’s freedom and welfare in the present and for the future. Such society demonstrates the desire to protect its people by hoping to stop the destruction and exploitation of our own environment. It also seeks to promote the conservation of what already exists, restore what was ruined, and prevent future destruction.

Presently, our society is fervent in mass-producing goods to gain the highest possible rate of economic growth. This obsession of commercial greed and growth has led us astray, forgetting our ethical standards and failing to protect our home. In order for our society to stand the test of time, we must end our unending pursuit of unsustainable growth.

To usher in a new era of sustainability, we must break our cycle of environmental exploitation and destruction.

  • We must learn humility and restraint to understand that there are limits to our actions.
  • We must recognise the various communities in our society to be an essential component in achieving sustainability.
  • We must learn to distinguish between our needs and our wants and most importantly;
  • We must encourage diversity both culturally and biologically.

If we are to undertake the task of achieving sustainability, we must always remember our purpose for doing so.

  • Promote equality among people.
  • Maintain diversity culturally and biologically.
  • Ensure a stable economy non-reliant on what the people want, but on what they need.
  • Economic self-sufficiency rather than efficiency.
  • Strengthen communities in urban and rural areas and;
  • Maintain and revitalise our environment.

Growth does not equal prosperity. What makes a nation truly prosperous is the promotion of social equality, accumulating little to no debt, and educating its people. Only then will we be able to attain true sustainability when man can learn to coexist with nature.

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