Is This an Intergenerational Transfer?

Is This an Intergenerational Transfer?

Is This an Intergenerational Transfer?

An intergenerational transfer is the passing down of assets, rights, and privileges from one generation to another.

Though it might sound appealing given that the generation of boomers, especially those using alternative medicines, before us has accumulated significant wealth, that also leaves us with the many problems they created.

The transfer could include:

  • Personal property
  • Personal capital
  • Debt/savings
  • Social cohesion

But in reality, they also left us with innumerable problems that we are left to solve ourselves.

  • The most pressing being a dying planet.
  • Exhausted natural resources
  • Stomach turning level of debt
  • Inflated housing market
  • Low-quality jobs
  • Congested and filthy cities.
  • Unstable economies

Although one generation can’t solve all the problems, the generation we preceded, however, has left us with complicated problems that already threaten the framework of our society and future generations preceding us.

Conceivably the greatest failure of the boomer generation is their continued adherence to simple growth of GDP and the belief that a larger economy will solve the problem.

Any solution now is already very late, but despite that, we must still continue to fight. We must continue our goal to a sustainable future and ensure the continued existence of our society.

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