Canada is a culturally rich and diverse nation with people from all over the world living in it. The Canadian culture is typical of a growth-centric country whose goal is to maximise profit and consumption.

Shaping our nation to a culture of learning will need a great effort. That change will need a dramatic shift in our national focus from continued economic growth to focusing on our people’s welfare and protecting our environment.

Instead of relying upon other cultures to feed our own, we must develop the culture of sustainability ourselves and encourage other Canadians to promote a more socially coherent nation in order to effectively solve its problems and avoid fracturing our society.

A nation more invested in its people and environment will, in the long run, be able to lead as an example to other countries. And instead of relying on other nations for finding a solution, we could instead offer it ourselves.

In order for our society and nation to progress well beyond economic growth, we must ensure that our people will accept the culture of egalitarianism; where everyone, no matter their race, gender, colour of their skin, religion, or political view are treated equally in the eyes of the law and other people.

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