Ways JUUL Can Cause Environmental Damage

Ways JUUL Can Cause Environmental Damage

Ways JUUL Can Cause Environmental Damage

The increase in the number of people using e-cigarettes and Vape equipment can be attributed to the use of JUUL. Therefore, this best-selling e-cigarette, similar to vaping, has become not only a serious health problem but also become an environmental threat.

Because of the higher sales of the JUUL among young people, the National Youth Tobacco Survey reported that in 2018, there was a 20% increase among high schoolers who smoke e-cigarettes. In a year, there was a whopping 78% increase. Therefore, the threat of JUUL to the environment will increase. Here are ways JUUL can cause environmental damage.

JUUL and the Environment

It is apparent that the habitual use of JUUL is not healthy. Therefore, it not healthy for humans and the environment. There are a lot of studies that support the damaging effects of JUUL and other vaping products. Because JUUL is the most used vaping device, many experts focused on studying these in relation to the environment

How Can JUUL Harm the Environment?

JUUL Products Utilize Single-Use Plastic

Plastic products such as straws have received attention because of the harmful effects it can cause to the environment. Just like straws, pods of JUUL devices use single-use plastic. Because these are disposable products, they create a lot of waste which can take a long time before breaking down.

Every pod has 200 puffs or 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine. This is almost the same as the nicotine amount in 1 pack of cigarettes. According to the JUUL website, the pods cannot be used again. Moreover, JUUL manufacturers have not devised a recycling plan for these products. Instead, they just advise people to throw the pods in a trash bin.

JUUL Pods Adds More Litter

Sadly, many of JUUL pods do not get properly disposed of in a trash bin. Many people just throw them off on the street. Therefore, these pods add more litter and make the tobacco product waste problem worse. Cigarette butts have made up 30 to 40% of all the waste gathered in the yearly cleans up of coastal and urban areas since the 1980s.

JUUL Consists of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are toxic elements that have a high density and atomic weight. Its density is at least 5 times higher than water. Mercury and lead are some known heavy metals. These are beneficial in various industries such as agriculture, technology, and medicine. However, these are now utilized in creating e-cigarettes including JUUL.

Although the toxicity of heavy metals depends on various factors such as exposure route, chemical composition, dosage, genetics, the health status of the people using, genetics, and gender, it is important to keep in mind that heavy metals are very toxic.

Because heavy metals are used in e-cigarettes and JUUL, when thrown, these can seep heavy metal and nicotine into the land. Moreover, these products are also breathed straight into the lungs. That is why these products can be a real threat once many of these are disposed of.


Finally, there are many ways not to become independent of JUUL. By trying to overcome or avoid JUUL, people can save their health and the environment.

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